intermase quienes somos 1INTERMASE Ship Suppliers Ecuador, established in 1990, with Main office in Guayaquil and Branch Offices in Bolivar Port, Manta Port, La libertad Port and Esmeraldas Port. We serve in all Ecuadorian ports, and specialized in ship supply and services, providing the entire range of shipchandlery lines, bond store provisions and technical services.

In a competitive world as that of today, it is required the constant training in of the labour, and the personal relationships so much individual as institutional, since the profile of each company is reflected in the personnel that works in it. We offer technical staff, with an outstanding service in what you require, with easy and creative solutions to your challenges, as our staffs has the required knowledge to execute any designated task.


INTERMASE provides the experience and the competitive service.intermase quienes somos 2 Our main activities are: Naval, Industrial and Technical services. Designing, advisement, repair and maintenance of all type of machineries and equipments, designing and creation of precision pieces, works in lathe machines, electric systems, refrigeration systems, painting, cleaning, etc. Designing and planning in the Industrial safe-deposit area, the same ones that are carried by our qualified staff.INTERMASE provides you the advisement to satisfy your requirements, with qualified Engineers Marines and with a wide experience in the technical area.